The whole only works because of its parts. ALTIVONI has a wide inventory of spare parts for elevators, escalators and moving walks.

We seek for a stable relation with our clients and support our distribution alliances looking for Altivoni to be a brand that becomes into stability, responsibility and trust in the user’s mind. As a consequence of it, our goal is to guarantee a long-term product for each project with the proper functioning through the years.

Some of the spare parts we distribute are:

  • Car operating panel
  • Travel switch
  • Interphone
  • Voice stop announcement
  • Phase sequence indicator
  • Color LCD
  • Leveling switch
  • Magnetic inductive relay
  • Permanent magnetic sensor relay
  • Bistable switch
  • Key lock
  • Governor switch
  • Encoder
  • Door lock
  • Comb plate
  • Strips
  • Roller
  • Door sill
  • Transmission wire rope
  • Hanger pulley
  • Landing door shock absorber
  • Round fan
  • Landing door retiring cam
  • Rope fastening
  • Rail clip
  • Damping pad
  • Rubber bar
  • Door vane
  • Guide shoe
  • Overspeed governor
  • PCB
  • Push button
  • Door operator spare parts
  • Buffer
  • Oil can
  • Power contactor
  • Minicontactor
  • Cab
  • Door operator
  • Landing door device
  • Safety gear
  • Traveling cables

Quality and certificates

We have developed quality products and industry standards that allow us to become a certificated company with Quality management system ISO9001, Environmental management system ISO14001, Social responsibility system SA8000, issued by TUV. We have also obtained EN1090 Steel structure welding certificate and the EN ISO3834 Welding quality system certificate, issued by TUV SUD. All of our products are developed and manufactured in accordance with the European EN81-20/50 and EN115 standards, and have CE and EMC certificates issued by German TUV.

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